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Replace my HVAC

When Should I Replace my HVAC System?

A quality HVAC system should last you quite a few years, but the reality is that it won’t last forever. At some point, repairs won’t be cutting it, and it’ll be time for a new system. The real question is “How do I know when?” Here’s some of the most common signs that might be telling you to replace your HVAC set up.

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Is a Noisy AC a Sign that You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando?

[fusion_text]Posted by: Susan Rosser on December 02, 2014 Ideally, your air conditioning unit should run as quietly as possible; however, if you’re beginning to hear a weird humming or rattling coming from your AC, then it’s high time to look into it or contact service companies that offer air conditioning repair in Orlando as soon as possible. If left unchecked, the underlying causes of these noises might worsen the condition of your AC unit, and could even come to a point when it cannot be fixed anymore. In fact, some air conditioner problems can be determined simply by the kind of sound it makes. Michael Chase enumerated two main noises an air conditioning unit makes, which could be telltale signs of early problems and help you come up with a diagnosis. ac repairRattling When your air conditioning unit makes a rattling noise, there could be two sources: it might be coming from the fan or from loose screws. In the case of your fan, it needs to be clean and properly maintained at all times, and when it begins to be the source of rattling or harsh humming, it simply needs a little clean-up if it has some debris around the blades. The fan might also be loose, thus the rattling, and it simply needs to be tightened. Moreover, be wary of bent blades, which might also be the cause of rattling sounds. With loose screws, on the other hand, simply determine which ones are problematic. The air conditioning unit usually vibrates when it starts working, causing some screws, especially the screws in panels and the mounting screws, to come loose. This problem can be easily fixed with a screwdriver. Humming If you hear a weird humming sound coming from your AC unit, it could either mean lack of lubrication or dirty or bent coil fins. Like any other motor, the motor in your AC unit also needs proper lubrication, which could be easily done with a little oiling. Oiling your air conditioner’s motor is usually and preferably done during the beginning of the summer. Meanwhile, you could check your unit’s coil fins and see if it needs cleaning up. The coil fins tend to accumulate dirt over the years, and proper cleaning is imperative to keep it working. Bent coil fins, however, need a special tool called the fin comb, which is mainly used in straightening bent fins. Should these noises persist, or should your air conditioning unit begin to show signs of malfunctioning, it’s best to seek help from companies such as Westbrook Service Corporation that offers AC repair in Orlando to prevent your unit from breaking down before the end of its predicted service life—or heaven forbid, just when you need it in the summer. (Source: A/C & Heat Pump System Noise Diagnosis & Repair Noises: How to Diagnose Air Conditioner Compressor, Fan, Refrigerant Piping, Ductwork Noises, InspectAPedia)[/fusion_text]

Receiving Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando in Time for Pollen Season

Posted by: Susan Rosser on March 04, 2015 Florida is perhaps one of the worst places to be if you are allergic to pollen; the state’s many oak trees are responsible for releasing countless pollen particles that spread throughout the region during peak blooming season. Fortunately, air conditioners can be used to keep homeowners safe indoors, away from the pollen, while providing much-needed relief from the heat. Homeowners might want to keep their AC units in good shape so that when they need it for pollen season, they are prepared. 01fixing-airconditionerAn article on the Tampa Tribune’s website posted last March 12, 2015 urges locals who are sensitive to pollen to simply stay indoors to avoid any problems. Apparently, the region’s pollen count (number of grains per cubic meter of air) has reached a critical 10.5—for reference, pollen counts between 9.7 and 12 are usually considered very high. The problem is so serious that the article even recommends homeowners to turn up their air conditioning units to keep their homes comfy. Air conditioning units can do more than just make your home’s indoor climate cooler; they can also help reduce the amount of pollen in the air. If fitted with a high-efficiency particulate accumulator (HEPA) filter, your air conditioning unit should be able to filter out pollen as it recirculates indoor air. Of course, homeowners looking to use their cooling systems a lot this season might want to have services for air conditioning repair in Orlando, such as Westbrook Service Corporation, take a look at their units for any problems. To ensure that your air conditioning system works at maximum capacity, you should stay on top of its maintenance. The unit needs to remain clean and free from dust and other foreign objects so that it can run smoothly. Its filters will need cleaning, as well, or should be completely replaced if they are too worn. Air conditioning units that do not seem to be providing comfort or simply malfunction should be fixed immediately before pollen season goes full swing. Preferably, homeowners should leave the job to an Orlando AC repair company with the skill, experience, and tools to perform the job right. (Source: Tampa Bay area’s pollen season in fully miserable bloom, tbo.com, Mar. 12, 2015)  

Have Your Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando to Be Safe from the Heat

[fusion_text]Posted by: Susan Rosser on February 27, 2015 Known as the “Sunshine State,” the state of Florida is often described with its long summers and pristine beaches for the humid climate it has been known for. Although Florida has frequent thunderstorms, its coastal areas have warmer temperatures in summers than winters. The humid temperature can be attributed to its close proximity with the Atlantic Ocean and other inland lakes. The hottest temperature ever recorded was at 109 degrees Fahrenheit, back in the summer of 1931. With temperatures reaching that high, you would do well to haveOrlando air conditioning repair experts to restore your home’s HVAC system to good working order and so protect you from the adverse effects of heat stroke and dehydration. Adequate ventilation at home will also provide you and your family comfort and ease amid the heated weather outdoors and stifling air indoors. air conditioning repairBenefits of Air Conditioning at Home Air conditioning systems are mostly used inside office buildings and large houses to prevent stale and musty odor from lingering in the air. Having this system at home could also help keep food safe for consumption, as they run the risk of spoiling in the heat. Stress and pressure at work are also reduced with sufficient frigidity while protecting computers and other machinery from overheating. These days, households can take advantage of more eco-friendly air conditioning systems designed to prevent further global warming while giving comfort to household members. Companies like Westbrook Services Corporation fine-tune their AC’s in such a way that fresh outdoor air improves the quality of indoor air and cuts costs from energy usage. Their service providers will address all your air conditioning needs, such as preventive maintenance or AC repair in Orlando, with their own standards of energy efficiency. Further Cost-Cutting Measures Aside from eco-friendly air conditioners, what else can you do to cut down on energy expenditures? If you have units per room rather than a centralized system, you can try cooling just one room and gathering everyone there for relief from the heat. You should also have your system’s air filters checked and cleaned regularly, or if they’re on the decline, outright replaced. Let companies like Westbrook take care of this for you and your household will be on its way to a cooler climate when the temperatures start climbing again. (Source: Advantages & Disadvantages of Air Conditioners. Ehow.com)[/fusion_text]

Call on Orlando AC Repair Experts for Problems You Can’t Troubleshoot

[fusion_text]Posted by: Susan Rosser on January 05, 2015 It snowed in Florida for the first time in five years this January, up north in Jacksonville. The cold front from Canada had also affected cities in the central region, including Orlando, which was recently hit by wind chills. ac maintenanceWeather experts, are saying, however, that these cold fronts will not last for long, as temperatures of as high as the 80s are expected for the rest of January and on to February. This means Orlando residents should make sure their air conditioning systems are in top shape. Proper air conditioning maintenance is a must if you want an efficient system and avoid high energy bills. When problems do happen, do not fall into the trap of conducting DIY repairs if the case requires the knowhow of Orlando air conditioning repair experts, like those at Westbrook Service Corporation. Troubleshooting Certain problems may require only minor troubleshooting. For example, if your AC unit refuses to work, check the basics, like if the settings are correct, or if the system controls are in good working condition. The problem could be something as minor as a drained remote control battery. Some malfunctions are also simple enough to fix on your own, such as replacing a burnt-out fuse, or pushing the compressor motor’s reset button back in. Professional Repair When you have exhausted all simple troubleshooting measures, and your unit still refuses to function well, if at all, then it’s time to call in Orlando AC repair professionals. The problem might be coming from a damaged electrical wiring or main power cord, which should be left in the hands of HVAC technicians. Problems with the AC compressor could also be the result of fluctuating voltage over a period of time. If this is the case, the compressor may need to be replaced altogether by a professional. If you are not getting enough cooling, the problem might be coming from insufficient power reaching the blower fans. This can happen if the wires connecting the blower motor to the electrical source are damaged. Testing with a multimeter will tell you if this is causing the problem. If the blower is getting enough power, but is still not working, the motor’s capacitor may need to be changed. Whether the solution is replacing damaged blower wires or the capacitor, rely on AC repair pros to safely and accurately do the job. Insufficient cooling could also mean a need for coolant change, which again should be done only by a technician. Likewise, a buildup of frost around connectors, fan motors, and hoses could indicate a leak. An AC repair pro can detect the source of the leak and perform the necessary repair or replacement. (Source: Florida’s Record Warmth Mocks Rest of Cold, Shivering U.S., Weather.com, January 4, 2015)[/fusion_text]

Orlando Air Conditioning Repair Mitigates the Effects of Bad Weather

[fusion_text]Posted by: Susan Rosser on November 10, 2014 Central Florida may be known for its relatively mild and warm temperatures, but the same climate that attracts tourists to the state also makes it susceptible to thunderstorms. This fact was proven early this month, as the days leading up to Veterans Day were marked with scattered rainfall throughout Orlando and other places. According to Fox 35, temperatures also reached the upper 70s, pretty average as far as Central Florida’s November climate goes. Rainy WeekendA little shower to escape the Florida heat is nice and all, but people shouldn’t take thunderstorms in stride. With the threat of flooding and water leaks bad enough as it is, bad weather can also wreak havoc on a household’s air conditioning system. A busted AC can cause considerable inconvenience at any time of the year, which is why homeowners would do well to seek the services of a reliable service company such as Westbrook Service Corporation that provides efficient and effective air conditioning repair in Orlando, Longwood, Kissimmee, and other areas in Central Florida. For the record, rain does not damage A/Cs per se since they’re generally designed to be water-resistant in the first place. Rather, the tiny water droplets that get trapped inside make an indoor air conditioner do more harm than good. These tiny pockets of moisture not only corrode internal components but can also trap dust, pet dander, and other particulates, thereby causing respiratory problems among vulnerable household members. Mold infestation is yet another possible outcome, and what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers the biggest reason why homeowners should regularly maintain their A/Cs, rain or shine. The problem with mold is that it is sometimes difficult to detect, let alone control. According to the EPA, the presence of harmful mold is usually suspected the moment a family member starts suffering from chronic coughs, wheezing, and other unexplained respiratory problems. Orlando AC repair services minimize moisture buildup and mold proliferation through preventive maintenance services like filter cleaning and replacements, thereby creating a healthier home. Licensed tradesmen can also repair leaks, something that should be carried out before the onset of bad weather. The rainy days serve as a reminder for homeowners to ensure that their A/Cs are properly maintained. There’s no excuse for inaction when licensed technicians from a service company Westbrook Service Corporation are ready to lend a hand. (Source: Rainy weekend to wash over Orlando, Orlando Sentinel, November 08, 2014)[/fusion_text]

Lower Your Energy Bills with Prompt Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando

[fusion_text]Posted by: Susan Rosser on October 03, 2014 Living in Florida can be difficult due to the humidity, which can make the weather seem hotter than it actually is. In such cases, the problem can easily be resolved by turning on the air conditioning. Unfortunately for many residents in Tampa Bay and Orlando who use their AC systems regularly, a recent mix-up with a local power distributor resulted in exorbitant energy bills due to errors in the billing processes. TheOrlando Sentinel reports: Duke Energy The majority of overcharges were for customers in the Tampa Bay area, where the issue boiled over in recent weeks, but Orlando customers also will be getting credits for what Duke has explained as “unintentionally” charging a higher rate for electricity. Having apologized for the matter, Duke is now issuing billing credits that are averaging nearly $6 each. For those who get credits, bills will plainly state that one is being issued, spokeswoman Nicole LeBeau said. Although the overcharge has been attributed to the installation of new energy meters, high energy bills can also indicate a problem with your AC unit. A poorly maintained unit requires more energy to run as effectively as you want it to. To resolve this problem, prompt AC repair in Orlando is required to prevent that “unexplainable” increase to your energy bill. Fortunately, spotting a problem with your AC unit is fairly easy to do. Here are two common AC problems and how you can identify them: Air isn’t cool enough If the air produced by the unit isn’t cooling, your unit may be leaking refrigerant (Freon). To see if this is the case, take a spray bottle of soapy water and spray the tubes along the outer body of your unit; be sure to avoid the electrical components. If the water begins to bubble, you have a Freon leak. Restricted air flow In the case of restricted air flow, there may be two causes. The most common cause is blockage in the air ducts. This problem can easily be resolved by having you air ducts cleaned professionally. Sometimes, ice forming within the unit can cause restricted air flow. You can usually notice this if water puddles form underneath the ac unit, especially if it has been turned off for an hour or two. This usually indicates a faulty evaporator coil. In the event you notice any of these problems, be sure to call a trusted Orlando air conditioning repair contractor like Westbrook Service Corporation. Not only do prompt repairs and proper maintenance help keep your energy bills down, but they also help extend the lifespan of your unit, keeping your home cool for years to come. (Source: Duke Energy overcharges leaves customers hot; Orlando Sentinel; September 6, 2014)[/fusion_text]

Tips on Orlando Air Conditioning Repair: Signs You Need an AC Recharge

Posted by: Susan Rosser on September 17, 2014 Summer isn’t just the time for people to start flocking to nearby Disney World; it’s also the peak season for home air conditioning in Orlando, Florida. To survive this time without having to buy brand new AC units, you should know how to care for and maintain your home’s cooling systems and when needed, call for reliable air conditioning repair from Orlando professionals like the Westbrook Service Corporation. When you inspect your AC, be on the lookout for signs that you might need to recharge the coolants. signs-you-need-an-ac-recharge   Coolant Refill Needs It’s important to note that from the outset, your air conditioner’s coolant or refrigerant never goes bad over time, so you don’t have to replace or refill it because of chemical composition alone. However, there are many problems in the AC’s mechanical parts that can cause the coolant to leak such as matted coils, worn-out valves, and even poor design. Checking the Thermostat The first thing to inspect if you think you might need a coolant refill is the thermostat. Start by setting the temperature to 85 and wait about half an hour, then readjust it to 60 and wait for the unit to run. If the house cools efficiently, you have little to worry about; otherwise, if it takes a lot of time, there might be little coolant left to do the job properly. Inspecting the Vents SF Gate writer Tim Anderson mentioned that you should check up on your central AC’s vents to find out if there might be indicators of problems: If the vents are blowing room-temperature air, or warm air, rather than cold after you clean the thermostat and reset the unit, this is a sign that your coolant might be out of charge in the air conditioner. You check this by holding your hand in front of the vents and feeling for warm air. Give the machine at least 15 minutes to see if maybe it was just residual air coming out of the vent system as it makes its way throughout your home. If the air still isn’t cold, it is a sign that you could need to call a technician for a coolant charge. Call the Pros If after these tips, you believe that your coolant does need refilling, call up the professionals for a final diagnosis so that they can do the work themselves. Never attempt to perform a refill on your own, as you might be voiding your warranty or risking damage to your unit. Orlando AC repair professionals are armed with the right knowledge and technology to conduct the proper interventions. (Source: How to Know If a Central Air Conditioner Needs a Charge, SF Gate)
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