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Breast Health Basics

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Is a Noisy AC a Sign that You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando?

Posted by: Susan Rosser on December 02, 2014

Ideally, your air conditioning unit should run as quietly as possible; however, if you’re beginning to hear a weird humming or rattling coming from your AC, then it’s high time to look into it or contact service companies that offer air conditioning repair in Orlando as soon as possible. If left unchecked, […]

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Receiving Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando in Time for Pollen Season

Posted by: Susan Rosser on March 04, 2015

Florida is perhaps one of the worst places to be if you are allergic to pollen; the state’s many oak trees are responsible for releasing countless pollen particles that spread throughout the region during peak blooming season. Fortunately, air conditioners can be used to keep homeowners safe indoors, away from […]

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Have Your Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando to Be Safe from the Heat

Posted by: Susan Rosser on February 27, 2015

Known as the “Sunshine State,” the state of Florida is often described with its long summers and pristine beaches for the humid climate it has been known for. Although Florida has frequent thunderstorms, its coastal areas have warmer temperatures in summers than winters. The humid temperature can be attributed to […]

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Call on Orlando AC Repair Experts for Problems You Can’t Troubleshoot

Posted by: Susan Rosser on January 05, 2015

It snowed in Florida for the first time in five years this January, up north in Jacksonville. The cold front from Canada had also affected cities in the central region, including Orlando, which was recently hit by wind chills.

Weather experts, are saying, however, that these cold fronts will not last […]

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Orlando Air Conditioning Repair Mitigates the Effects of Bad Weather

Posted by: Susan Rosser on November 10, 2014

Central Florida may be known for its relatively mild and warm temperatures, but the same climate that attracts tourists to the state also makes it susceptible to thunderstorms. This fact was proven early this month, as the days leading up to Veterans Day were marked with scattered rainfall throughout Orlando […]

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Lower Your Energy Bills with Prompt Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando

Posted by: Susan Rosser on October 03, 2014

Living in Florida can be difficult due to the humidity, which can make the weather seem hotter than it actually is. In such cases, the problem can easily be resolved by turning on the air conditioning. Unfortunately for many residents in Tampa Bay and Orlando who use their AC systems […]

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Tips on Orlando Air Conditioning Repair: Signs You Need an AC Recharge

Posted by: Susan Rosser on September 17, 2014

Summer isn’t just the time for people to start flocking to nearby Disney World; it’s also the peak season for home air conditioning in Orlando, Florida. To survive this time without having to buy brand new AC units, you should know how to care for and maintain your home’s cooling […]

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