Is a Noisy AC a Sign that You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando?

[fusion_text]Posted by: Susan Rosser on December 02, 2014 Ideally, your air conditioning unit should run as quietly as possible; however, if you’re beginning to hear a weird humming or rattling coming from your AC, then it’s high time to look into it or contact service companies that offer air conditioning repair in Orlando as soon as possible. If left unchecked, the underlying causes of these noises might worsen the condition of your AC unit, and could even come to a point when it cannot be fixed anymore. In fact, some air conditioner problems can be determined simply by the kind of sound it makes. Michael Chase enumerated two main noises an air conditioning unit makes, which could be telltale signs of early problems and help you come up with a diagnosis. ac repairRattling When your air conditioning unit makes a rattling noise, there could be two sources: it might be coming from the fan or from loose screws. In the case of your fan, it needs to be clean and properly maintained at all times, and when it begins to be the source of rattling or harsh humming, it simply needs a little clean-up if it has some debris around the blades. The fan might also be loose, thus the rattling, and it simply needs to be tightened. Moreover, be wary of bent blades, which might also be the cause of rattling sounds. With loose screws, on the other hand, simply determine which ones are problematic. The air conditioning unit usually vibrates when it starts working, causing some screws, especially the screws in panels and the mounting screws, to come loose. This problem can be easily fixed with a screwdriver. Humming If you hear a weird humming sound coming from your AC unit, it could either mean lack of lubrication or dirty or bent coil fins. Like any other motor, the motor in your AC unit also needs proper lubrication, which could be easily done with a little oiling. Oiling your air conditioner’s motor is usually and preferably done during the beginning of the summer. Meanwhile, you could check your unit’s coil fins and see if it needs cleaning up. The coil fins tend to accumulate dirt over the years, and proper cleaning is imperative to keep it working. Bent coil fins, however, need a special tool called the fin comb, which is mainly used in straightening bent fins. Should these noises persist, or should your air conditioning unit begin to show signs of malfunctioning, it’s best to seek help from companies such as Westbrook Service Corporation that offers AC repair in Orlando to prevent your unit from breaking down before the end of its predicted service life—or heaven forbid, just when you need it in the summer. (Source: A/C & Heat Pump System Noise Diagnosis & Repair Noises: How to Diagnose Air Conditioner Compressor, Fan, Refrigerant Piping, Ductwork Noises, InspectAPedia)[/fusion_text]
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