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Westbrook Vision

To be a thriving company that makes a lasting impact in Central Florida for generations to come.

Westbrook Mission

To create an employee experience so profoundly different that it leads to changed lives and customers for life.
Since 1949

Since 1949

Westbrook Values

Guiding principles that govern how we work and reflect the core beliefs of our shareholders, leadership and each other.


moving from uncertainty to clarity

We demonstrate both honesty and transparency in our dealings with each another, customers and vendors.


moving from apathetic to empathetic

We are unwavering in our endeavor to serve our customers and each other, continually seeking to exceed their expectations.


moving from entitlement to gratitude

The sum of our abilities, creativity, diversity and effort as a team is far greater than our individual contributions. 


moving from complex to simple

We strive to build structure and unity within our organization through increasing clarity and efficiency to deliver exceptional service to our customers and each other.


moving from constrained to empowered

Our resolve is to discover the talents and gifts of every Westbrook team member to help them reach their fullest potential.

Our Creed

With other air conditioning, plumbing and electrical companies in the Central Florida area why is there a Westbrook? Too often today there is a basic conflict between what we aspire to be and what is required of us in the marketplace. At Westbrook that conflict does not exist for men and women of principle, character and integrity.

Management and craftsmen who share the same desire for excellence come together at Westbrook. We appreciate true craftsmen and craftsmen appreciate a management philosophy, which lets them find dignity and pride in what they do. Men and women who are dedicated and committed to excellence will find at Westbrook a place to ply their trades and a place that recognizes and rewards their commitment.

Our customers since 1949 have honored these principles upon which we have chosen to build our business. As a result, while others have floundered and failed, Westbrook has remained steadfast and has flourished.

Westbrook Goals

  • To be a significant factor in the markets that we choose to participate in and to choose markets that reward quality and dedication to excellence.
  • To attract and retain the brightest and best talent in our fields.
  • To remain financially strong and to be a company that will live beyond the current shareholders and officers.
  • To keep alive the spirit of enthusiasm and pride that has been the hallmark of our company since 1949 and to always be a company in transition – changing, growing, learning and prospering – as we identify and respond to the needs of our employees and the markets served.

Westbrook Guiding Principles

Our goal will be met only to the extent that we bring comfort and value to our customers to ensure “enthusiastic” customers. Westbrook customers can always depend on us to provide true value, high quality, products, service and support before, during and after the sale. The focus of everything we do must ultimately be to benefit our customers. We will always look out for their interests and treat their homes or facilities as if they were our very own.

We will seek to build “partnership” relationships with our customers. We will succeed as we identify our customer’s goals and fashion our efforts to support and contribute to their success. We will work with companies and individuals who share our values.

There is no expiration of the warranty on Westbrook workmanship. In other words, if we put something in incorrectly or if poor workmanship is involved we will rectify the problem whenever the deficiency comes to light.

Integrity is to be the cornerstone of all our dealings with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors. All dealings with customers will be honest and direct.

We hold all of our contractual and implied obligations as sacred. We will meet our obligations without regard to inconvenience or impact on profit. All efforts will be made to meet promised due dates and completion dates.

We will always endeavor to provide a quality product. Quality will not be sacrificed for expediency or profit.

Westbrook will always strive to act in the best interest of our employees. Everyone is to be treated with respect and dignity as an important member of the Westbrook team. Each individual is to respect the dignity of others, celebrate the success of others and contribute to the professional growth and development of others. We will give our employees the benefit of the doubt in all matters. Inter-dependency, mutual trust, and confidence are necessary parts of interaction, communication and accomplishment at all levels. Every employee has the responsibility to listen and the right to be heard.

Why Choose Westbrook

  • In business for over 70 years
  • Employee background checks
  • Employee drug and alcohol testing
  • We act with integrity
  • We focus on the customer
  • We have champion teamwork
  • We demonstrate stewardship
  • We operate with excellence
  • We develop people
  • We embrace innovation
  • In business for over 70 years
  • Employee background checks
  • Employee drug and alcohol testing
  • We act with integrity
  • We focus on the customer
  • We have champion teamwork
  • We demonstrate stewardship
  • We operate with excellence
  • We develop people
  • We embrace innovation

We are the most trusted and reliable service company in Central Florida since 1949.

Our Honor Code

Because the values of Westbrook are so important to the successful pursuit of the company’s vision and mission, we believe it is critical that 100% of our employees commit to operating in a manner consistent with those values and demonstrate their commitment by signing the Westbrook Honor Code. The Westbrook Honor Code formalizes the minimum standard of ethics expected from every employee. Our company-wide commitment to the Westbrook Honor Code acknowledges that even the smallest violations of the code diminish the value of the company to all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, vendors and other employees. The Westbrook Honor Code simply states:

“A Westbrook employee will not lie, cheat nor steal or tolerate those who do. Furthermore, a Westbrook employee will not exhibit or tolerate behavior inconsistent with company values.”

Our Promise

To say that we fix air conditioners, toilets and light switches would be true, but it wouldn’t tell the whole story. At the core, Westbrook is a team of building science professionals, expert tradesmen and customer savvy associates working together to provide efficient and effective mechanical solutions to our commercial customers across Central Florida. We have licensed expertise in a broad range of technical capabilities including HVAC, electrical, plumbing and gas and we take pride in our ability to design, build, fix or maintain just about anything. We are creative solution providers, passionate about solving the mechanical mysteries, technical twisters and mega messes our clients bring to us. It’s what we do. It’s how we make a difference and how we create customers for life.

Although known for our distinctive fleet of green and yellow service vans, we are most recognized for our people and their unmatched commitment to offering our customers amazing service experiences. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call us service fanatics. Our aim is not satisfaction, but ‘over the top, BIG WOW, tell your friends, you’ve never experienced this before’ service. Our goal is exceeding expectations. We want to rock your world, save the day, solve the problem and make you happy. It’s the Westbrook Way and it is what has made us the most trusted and reliable service company in Central Florida since 1949.

Our People

The success of Westbrook is due largely because of our people. When you contact a Westbrook representative, you won't be talking to just an employee. Instead, you will consult with a team of committed professionals. Westbrook has achieved this extraordinary gathering of professionals by allowing only the most qualified and dedicated individuals to join our team. They are placed into a working environment that bolsters their strengths as well as fosters new ones. Seamless collaboration between our people and our various service groups is possible because open and honest communication is encouraged and rewarded. The following are just a few of the Westbrook personnel that are ready to serve you.

Brian King


Dan Glancy


Jackie Prendergast

HR Director

Jim Roberts

Executive Vice President

Sarah Olsen

Vice President of Operations

Kevin Murphy

Service Manager, Commercial Install

William Larson

Service Manager, Electrical

Buddy Cotton

Service Manager, Commercial HVAC

Shane Nicholas

Service Manager, Commercial Plumbing

Ethan Pitsch

Vice President, Strategy & Technology
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