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When Should I Replace my HVAC System?

A quality HVAC system should last you quite a few years, but the reality is that it won’t last forever. At some point, repairs won’t be cutting it, and it’ll be time for a new system. The real question is “How do I know when?” Here’s some of the most common signs that might be telling you to replace your HVAC set up.

Bad Circulation

Lack of circulation usually starts as a suspicion. Your HVAC seems like it’s not operating correctly when the air starts to smell stale or when different rooms are significantly warmer or cooler than others. As your HVAC system gets older, it will gradually become weaker until it is unable to keep up with the whole house. Especially in an a city like Orlando, Florida, this can cause serious discomfort in the hot summer months. Without good circulation, your desired temperature won’t be consistent in each room. If it gets to a point that is too uncomfortable, it might just be time give your home’s HVAC set up some fresh legs!

Increasing Energy Bills

Like we mentioned, your HVAC system will begin to lose some of its ability towards the end of its life. To compensate, many people just start cranking up the thermostat on cold days and ratcheting it way down on hot days. Between the age of the machine and overcompensating to get the temperature right, this will drive up your energy bill. If you are tired of seeing a big number come in each month, a one-time investment in a new, energy-efficient system will set you up to save more money in the long run.

Constant Repairs

The older your HVAC gets, the more frequently you’ll end up having to pay for repairs. Parts begin to wear out and pieces break. At a certain point, the cost of repairs you would be paying to maintain an old system will be much better invested into a new system that will run without hassle.

Unusual Noises

In most of life, there’s a question that rarely has a pleasant answer: “What’s that noise?” With your HVAC system, any kind of unusual noise beyond a normal, healthy hum generally means something is wrong. If you hear any kind mechanical grinding or scraping, we advise immediately having an HVAC professional come out to take a look. It may not be that you need to replace your system, but if you let a strange noise linger for too long, the damage might require a replacement. Our recommendation: get it looked at ASAP!

Strange Smells

A bad smell isn’t generally anyone’s favorite thing on earth (except maybe an elementary-aged boy), but if your HVAC system is circulating bad smells to various parts of your house, it might be more serious than just a bad odor. A circulated bad smell might mean that mold has taken up residence in your HVAC system which can lead to chronic sickness for anyone living in the house. If this sounds like your space, we recommend having an HVAC specialist look at this ASAP. What you might think you’re saving in HVAC bills, you’ll likely make up for in doctor bills if you’re not careful on this one!

How do I know if I need to replace my HVAC?

If your HVAC system is having any of these problems, it’s possible it might need to be replaced. The best way to know for sure is to consult with your trusted HVAC service provider. We also understand that no loves substantial unexpected costs. That’s why we are devoted to providing you with accurate solutions and honest prices. Your problem will be fixed and your life can go on without serious detours. We are ready and eager to help you resolve any HVAC problem you have. Contact us and let’s see what next step is best for you!

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