Orlando Air Conditioning Repair Mitigates the Effects of Bad Weather

[fusion_text]Posted by: Susan Rosser on November 10, 2014 Central Florida may be known for its relatively mild and warm temperatures, but the same climate that attracts tourists to the state also makes it susceptible to thunderstorms. This fact was proven early this month, as the days leading up to Veterans Day were marked with scattered rainfall throughout Orlando and other places. According to Fox 35, temperatures also reached the upper 70s, pretty average as far as Central Florida’s November climate goes. Rainy WeekendA little shower to escape the Florida heat is nice and all, but people shouldn’t take thunderstorms in stride. With the threat of flooding and water leaks bad enough as it is, bad weather can also wreak havoc on a household’s air conditioning system. A busted AC can cause considerable inconvenience at any time of the year, which is why homeowners would do well to seek the services of a reliable service company such as Westbrook Service Corporation that provides efficient and effective air conditioning repair in Orlando, Longwood, Kissimmee, and other areas in Central Florida. For the record, rain does not damage A/Cs per se since they’re generally designed to be water-resistant in the first place. Rather, the tiny water droplets that get trapped inside make an indoor air conditioner do more harm than good. These tiny pockets of moisture not only corrode internal components but can also trap dust, pet dander, and other particulates, thereby causing respiratory problems among vulnerable household members. Mold infestation is yet another possible outcome, and what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers the biggest reason why homeowners should regularly maintain their A/Cs, rain or shine. The problem with mold is that it is sometimes difficult to detect, let alone control. According to the EPA, the presence of harmful mold is usually suspected the moment a family member starts suffering from chronic coughs, wheezing, and other unexplained respiratory problems. Orlando AC repair services minimize moisture buildup and mold proliferation through preventive maintenance services like filter cleaning and replacements, thereby creating a healthier home. Licensed tradesmen can also repair leaks, something that should be carried out before the onset of bad weather. The rainy days serve as a reminder for homeowners to ensure that their A/Cs are properly maintained. There’s no excuse for inaction when licensed technicians from a service company Westbrook Service Corporation are ready to lend a hand. (Source: Rainy weekend to wash over Orlando, Orlando Sentinel, November 08, 2014)[/fusion_text]
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