Receiving Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando in Time for Pollen Season

Posted by: Susan Rosser on March 04, 2015 Florida is perhaps one of the worst places to be if you are allergic to pollen; the state’s many oak trees are responsible for releasing countless pollen particles that spread throughout the region during peak blooming season. Fortunately, air conditioners can be used to keep homeowners safe indoors, away from the pollen, while providing much-needed relief from the heat. Homeowners might want to keep their AC units in good shape so that when they need it for pollen season, they are prepared. 01fixing-airconditionerAn article on the Tampa Tribune’s website posted last March 12, 2015 urges locals who are sensitive to pollen to simply stay indoors to avoid any problems. Apparently, the region’s pollen count (number of grains per cubic meter of air) has reached a critical 10.5—for reference, pollen counts between 9.7 and 12 are usually considered very high. The problem is so serious that the article even recommends homeowners to turn up their air conditioning units to keep their homes comfy. Air conditioning units can do more than just make your home’s indoor climate cooler; they can also help reduce the amount of pollen in the air. If fitted with a high-efficiency particulate accumulator (HEPA) filter, your air conditioning unit should be able to filter out pollen as it recirculates indoor air. Of course, homeowners looking to use their cooling systems a lot this season might want to have services for air conditioning repair in Orlando, such as Westbrook Service Corporation, take a look at their units for any problems. To ensure that your air conditioning system works at maximum capacity, you should stay on top of its maintenance. The unit needs to remain clean and free from dust and other foreign objects so that it can run smoothly. Its filters will need cleaning, as well, or should be completely replaced if they are too worn. Air conditioning units that do not seem to be providing comfort or simply malfunction should be fixed immediately before pollen season goes full swing. Preferably, homeowners should leave the job to an Orlando AC repair company with the skill, experience, and tools to perform the job right. (Source: Tampa Bay area’s pollen season in fully miserable bloom, tbo.com, Mar. 12, 2015)  
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