No-Contract Bucket Truck Services

Do you have issues with outdoor lighting because it's difficult to reach? Westbrook provides bucket truck services throughout the Orlando metropolitan area, as well as the entire Central Florida region. Outdoor lighting is an important part of your business and plays a key role in keeping your customers and employees safe from accidents, injuries, and the occurrence of crime. Maintaining well-lit areas across your commercial locations is a non-negotiable!

Bucket trucks allow our technicians to repair lights in parking lots, shopping centers, hotels, schools, places of worship, gas stations, athletic fields, and more. Lights that are difficult to access for you are often easy to access for us with the help of a bucket truck.

What is a Bucket Truck?

A bucket truck is a work truck equipped with an extendable, hydraulic boom carrying a large bucket for raising workers to elevated, inaccessible areas. They are designed to safely lift people into the air to perform work that can't be easily or safely reached, even with a ladder.

While there are many uses for bucket truckets (e.g., outdoor lighting, electrical wiring, phone and electrical line maintenance, tree trimming, harvesting fruit, washing windows, fire rescue, painting, etc.), Westbrook focuses its bucket truck services exclusively on outdoor lighting and electrical wiring jobs.

Electrical worker maintaining outdoor lighting with a bucket truck Electrical technician fixing outdoor lighting with a bucket truck
Electrician using bucket truck to fix outdoor lighting Electrical service technician adjusting hard to reach lights with a bucket truck

Call us today at 407-841-3310 for all your bucket truck needs. Give us a challenge and we will work hard to provide you with a solution!

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