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Orlando Electrician for Any Electrical Need

Household electrical services include installation and repair of lights, switches and receptacles. We can help homeowners reduce residential energy costs. Our licensed electricians also provide home re-wiring and full electrical service upgrades. We have quality electricians ready to serve you.

Expert Electricians With A Focus on Electrical Safety:

  • Quick and Accurate Diagnosis of Your Problem
  • All Westbrook Electricians Are Required To Be Licensed
  • Safety Comes First At Westbrook
The Westbrook yellow and green vans bring electrical services to homes in Orlando, Kissimmee, Longwood, Atlamonte Springs, Winter Park, Windermere and throughout the Metro-Orlando area.


Residential Lighting for Your Central Florida Home

Work Done By Trained and Professional Comfort Care Specialists

Lighting Design to Reduce Energy Costs

The technology has changed with indoor lighting to provide more efficient lighting saving energy costs and better quality illumination. For instance, recessed can lighting outfitted with 15-watt compact fluorescent lamps can replace 60-watt light bulbs and save several dollars per fixture per month.


Keep Your Home Running with a Generator

Rapid Response By Our Comfort Care Specialists

Are You A Power Outage Victim?

Westbrook installs all sizes of backup generator equipment to help you through those dark times when the power goes out. The size of the generator you need will be determined by what items you need to run to keep your home or business inhabitable and operational during an outage. By the way most generators are fueled by natural gas or propane. Call us if you want to learn more about home generators or to talk with some of our customers that have put them in.



Protect Your Home with a Whole House Surge Protector

Professional, Insured and Licensed Comfort Specialists

Protect Your Home With Whole House Surge Protection Devices

Central Florida is known as the lightening capital of the world. There are usually three levels of protection for a home. First is at the point of use with items such as your computers, televisions, telephone systems, etc. Second is your breaker panel and the third is the main service panel coming into the home. Check in with us to learn about more ways to protect your home against that unwanted lighting strike.


Electrical Repair Service in Orlando

A Focus on Electrical Safety

  • Quick and Accurate Diagnosis of Your Problem
  • All Westbrook Electricians Are Required To Be Licensed
  • Safety Comes First At Westbrook


Upgrading Your Federal Pacific Panel

Federal Pacific Stab Lock was a very popular component installed in millions of homes from the 1950’s – 1980’s.



Professional Outlet and Switch Installation in Orlando

We take electricity for granted every day. Whether turning on the TV or using a computer at work, many of our tasks are as easy as the press of a button. Westbrook’s electricians know that the proper wiring of outlets and switches is paramount to your safety, efficiency and production, and strive to bring you exactly what you need on every job. In your home, business or new construction project, we install, repair and replace:


Depending on the nature of your electrical usage, you always want to make sure that your outlets are designed to handle the proper capacity and type of input. Westbrook can assess your power needs, and install, replace or repair:

  • Specially Dedicated Outlets
  • GFCI Receptacles
  • Home Appliance Receptacles
  • Childproof & Safety Inputs
  • Surge Protection


Orlando’s Most Trusted Electrician

What should I do before calling Westbrook
Often times the electrical service problem is simply a tripped breaker. You should always go out and check your electrical service panel to see if all of the breakers are on. Sometimes they go bad and need to be replaced. In all situations be sure to exercise the greatest of care when dealing with electricity.
When should I upgrade my electrical service panel
Two things typically necessitate this. The first is you may be adding additional electrical load to your existing panel only to find out that there is not enough availability of space or size on your panel. Secondly, there are times when it makes sense to replace your panel with a new one because of the age of the existing breakers and the difficulty or expense in finding replacement ones.
What is my best solution for emergency power
We all know that we can’t count on the utility companies during storms. So many people have chosen to install backup power generators. Typically these generators are either natural gas, diesel or gasoline and can support all or part of your home during an outage. Call us for more information on the best backup power solution for you.
How do I protect my home for electrical surges
Few people go to the expense of putting in a full blown lightning protection system. Rather they have chosen to protect the bigger items in your home to be most critical and cost effective. For example putting a surge protector on your electrical service panel protects unwarranted electrical surges from utility companies or storms. You might also want to consider putting surge protectors on some of your larger electronic devices





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