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Our Creed

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With other air conditioning, plumbing and electrical companies in the Central Florida area why is there a Westbrook? Too often today there is a basic conflict between what we aspire to be and what is required of us in the marketplace. At Westbrook that conflict does not exist for men and women of principle, character and integrity.

Management and craftsmen who share the same desire for excellence come together at Westbrook. We appreciate true craftsmen and craftsmen appreciate a management philosophy, which lets them find dignity and pride in what they do. Men and women who are dedicated and committed to excellence will find at Westbrook a place to ply their trades and a place that recognizes and rewards their commitment.

Our customers since 1949 have honored these principles upon which we have chosen to build our business. As a result, while others have floundered and failed, Westbrook has remained steadfast and has flourished.

Westbrook Goals

  • To be a significant factor in the markets that we choose to participate in and to choose markets that reward quality and dedication to excellence.
  • To attract and retain the brightest and best talent in our fields.
  • To remain financially strong and to be a company that will live beyond the current shareholders and officers.
  • To keep alive the spirit of enthusiasm and pride that has been the hallmark of our company since 1949 and to always be a company in transition – changing, growing, learning and prospering – as we identify and respond to the needs of our employees and the markets served.

Westbrook Guiding Principles

Our goal will be met only to the extent that we bring comfort and value to our customers to ensure “enthusiastic” customers. Westbrook customers can always depend on us to provide true value, high quality, products, service and support before, during and after the sale. The focus of everything we do must ultimately be to benefit our customers. We will always look out for their interests and treat their homes or facilities as if they were our very own.

We will seek to build “partnership” relationships with our customers. We will succeed as we identify our customer’s goals and fashion our efforts to support and contribute to their success. We will work with companies and individuals who share our values.

There is no expiration of the warranty on Westbrook workmanship. In other words, if we put something in incorrectly or if poor workmanship is involved we will rectify the problem whenever the deficiency comes to light.

Integrity is to be the cornerstone of all our dealings with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors. All dealings with customers will be honest and direct.

We hold all of our contractual and implied obligations as sacred. We will meet our obligations without regard to inconvenience or impact on profit. All efforts will be made to meet promised due dates and completion dates.

We will always endeavor to provide a quality product. Quality will not be sacrificed for expediency or profit.

Westbrook will always strive to act in the best interest of our employees. Everyone is to be treated with respect and dignity as an important member of the Westbrook team. Each individual is to respect the dignity of others, celebrate the success of others and contribute to the professional growth and development of others. We will give our employees the benefit of the doubt in all matters. Inter-dependency, mutual trust, and confidence are necessary parts of interaction, communication and accomplishment at all levels. Every employee has the responsibility to listen and the right to be heard.

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