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Orlando Residential Gas Services

When it comes to your home, gas service can be taken for granted. It can power any number of devices, but can be dangerous if used incorrectly. What’s more, gas can save you up to three times over the cost of electrical equipment in your home. Westbrook  is Orlando’s number one source for residential gas installation and repair services, making sure that your Central Florida home is both safe and efficient for years to come. Our experts will be sure to provide you with:


In many situation, most homeowners are surprised that gas comes out on top. They not only allow for more dynamic heat control in many appliances, but they also cost less per hour to operate. If your home has a gas hookup or you are looking to benefit from a nearby line, Westbrook is here to help. We’ll be able to connect:

  • Stovetops, Burners, Grills & Ovens
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Line Installation
  • Gas Heat Pumps and HVAC Systems
  • Generators
  • Fireplaces
  • Gas Dryers
  • Emergency and Scheduled Repairs


Our experienced technicians have worked on thousands of homes throughout Central Florida. We’ll be able to locate your meter and identify gas lines, making sure that every dig site is as safe and secure as possible for your home’s enjoyment. When you schedule an installation or repair with us, we’ll secure every permit needed, ensuring peace of mind that you’ll be able to enjoy savings and satisfaction for years to come.

Is your home receiving the benefits of natural gas? If there’s a way for you to save money through gas, you can count on Westbrook Services to bring you a solution. Whether it’s installation or repair, contact us online or call (407) 841-3310 to schedule your service. Our technicians are standing by to meet your needs!





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