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Expert home plumbing repairs for water leaks, dishwashers, toilets, sinks, fixtures, kitchen disposals and your re-piping needs. Westbrook provides installation and repairs services for Kholer, Moen, Noritz, Delta faucets and all major brands. The Westbrook Comfort Care Specialists install and repair electric and gas water heaters, including tankless water heaters.

The Westbrook yellow and green vans bring residential gas and plumbing services to homes in Orlando, Kissimmee, Longwood, Atlamonte Springs, Winter Park, Windermere and throughout the Metro-Orlando area.


Water Heater Repair for Every Type of Equipment

Westbrook Comfort Care Specialists Perform Water Heater Repair & Installation–Both Electric and Gas


Whether You Need a Repipe or Repair, Westbrook Can Help

Rapid Water Leak Repair By Licensed, Insured and Professional Comfort Care Specialists

What You Should Know About Re-pipes

Re-piping your home can be an emotional experience for most homeowners. At Westbrook we work hard on your water leak repair to make sure that you can’t even tell we were there by the time we leave. When considering such a decision a common rule of thumb is that you should have experienced a minimum of at least (2) leaks within the last (18) months. When re-piping a home, we use CPVC piping and, in most cases, re-piping the house consists of running new water lines through the attic area of the home. Insulation of the piping is provided to protect it from severe temperature change. A typical re-pipe takes 2-3 days and at no time will we leave you without water for more than a few hours.

Electronic Leak Detection

A Non-Invasive Way To Find That Pesky Leak

No one likes to see someone banging away on their floor with a jackhammer. At Westbrook we use the same kind of technology that the guy on the beach uses to find metal. Just like with him it saves a lot of digging and helps quickly pinpoint the treasure, which in our case is that pesky (and damaging) leak.


Sewer and Drain Cleaning for Your Health & Safety

We have found that what seems to be the most incidental of problems in sewers and drains can often become big problems in the future, if left untreated. This can result in increased costs to both fix and maintain. Corrosion, joint leaks, broken, collapsed or cracked pipes can all occur, leaving you with some hefty repair bills.

Orlando Sewer & Drain Pipe Cleaning

• Work Done By Trained and Professional Comfort Care Specialists
• Non-Invasive Video Inspection Of Your Drain and Sewer Lines
• Preventative Cleanout of Roof Drains 

• Clogged Drains & Sewer Cleanout Service
• High Pressure Jet Cleaning
• Repair of Damaged Pipes and Sewer Lines


Plumbing Repairs & Installation of All Major Brands | | |

Toilets, Disposals, Fixtures, Sinks, Dishwashers…You Name It We Install It!

Are You Considering A Remodel?

Don’t fall victim to the common horrors of remodeling. You know that project that takes three times as long and costs twice as much as you planned. At Westbrook we got the big three covered (a/c, plumbing and electrical). Give us a call today so we can assist you with your plans.


What should I do before calling Westbrook
If you see (or hear) evidence of a water leak the first thing you should do is find the main water shut off valve to your house and turn it off. Sometimes this is found near the street where your water meter is or often times there is a shut off valve near an outdoor spigot. If it is a toilet or kitchen sink that is leaking just turn off the valve that is feeding it.
When does it make sense to re-pipe my home
Typically, if you have experienced (2) or more leaks within (18) months in your home it is a sign of a larger pending problem. Don’t wait for the big disaster.
How long should I expect my water heater to last
In Florida we normally see an average life expectancy of 10-12 years due to the aggressiveness of the mineral content in our water. If your water heater is leaking be sure to turn the valve off to the water heater and shut your circuit breaker or gas valve off.
What's that sound I hear coming from my toilet
The parts within the toilet tank (flapper, fill valve) often wear out within a year or two and simply need to be replaced. All of the working parts can be replaced without having to replace your toilet.


When it comes to your home, gas service can be taken for granted. It can power any number of devices, but can be dangerous if used incorrectly. What’s more, gas can save you up to three times over the cost of electrical equipment in your home. Westbrook  is Orlando’s number one source for residential gas installation and repair services, making sure that your Central Florida home is both safe and efficient for years to come.





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