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Electrical Services FAQ

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What should I do before calling Westbrook
Often times the electrical service problem is simply a tripped breaker. You should always go out and check your electrical service panel to see if all of the breakers are on. Sometimes they go bad and need to be replaced. In all situations be sure to exercise the greatest of care when dealing with electricity.
When should I upgrade my electrical service panel
Two things typically necessitate this. The first is you may be adding additional electrical load to your existing panel only to find out that there is not enough availability of space or size on your panel. Secondly, there are times when it makes sense to replace your panel with a new one because of the age of the existing breakers and the difficulty or expense in finding replacement ones.
What is my best solution for emergency power
We all know that we can’t count on the utility companies during storms. So many people have chosen to install backup power generators. Typically these generators are either natural gas, diesel or gasoline and can support all or part of your home during an outage. Call us for more information on the best backup power solution for you.
How do I protect my home for electrical surges
Few people go to the expense of putting in a full blown lightning protection system. Rather they have chosen to protect the bigger items in your home to be most critical and cost effective. For example putting a surge protector on your electrical service panel protects unwarranted electrical surges from utility companies or storms. You might also want to consider putting surge protectors on some of your larger electronic devices




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