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Get up to Code with an Electrical Inspection in Orlando

Research by the National Fire Protection Association shows that over 30,000 home fires, hundreds of deaths, and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage are caused by electrical fires annually. Of these, the vast majority are caused by faulty wiring or electrical systems that are below national standards. When you schedule an electrical code inspection with Westbrook Service Company in your home or business, you can save lives and protect your investments.

Following the National Electric Code

Today’s gold standard for safe electricity in the United States is the National Electric Code. Created to protect residents, tenants and occupants from amateur installations and electrical accidents, the NEC has saved thousands of lives, and is updated regularly as the electrical need and technology changes.
Westbrook’s fully licensed and trained electricians are dedicating to bringing you an electrical setup that meets or surpasses NEC standards on every job. All of our technicians are subject to regular training and industry updates, and will bring you a comprehensive building inspection including:

      • A complete electrical system check up designed to identify flaws, warning signs, and wasted energy
      • Full disclosure with the client, making recommendations and repairs as we go
      • Assessment of new buildings properties to give peace of mind to your investment
      • Code needs and updates for older homes or buildings going to market
      • A safety check of all electrical services performed to protect you from injury, damage or liability

At Westbrook Service Company, we strive to keep current with changes in the code on a regular basis. All of our electricians use the latest tools and technology to the benefit of not only your safety, but your efficiency and savings.

If there’s a shortcoming in your electrical system, Westbrook will find it. Contact us online or speak to an electrical services expert today at (407) 841-3310 and schedule your inspection!




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