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Electric Water Heaters

Orlando Electric Water Heaters from Westbrook

Water Heaters: Electric vs. Gas

Gas water heaters generally have a reputation for costing less than their electric when it comes to your home. While gas can heat faster or use less energy while heating your water, these shouldn’t be the only reasons to choose gas over electric.

Although the basic price differences between gas and electricity and the efficiency of gas heat may persuade you to choose a gas water heater over an electric tank, Westbrook wants to make sure that you are fully educated when it comes to the costs associated with both types:

With electricity, the risk of injury is minimal. While electrocution is rare, gas leaks can occur and often times it can cause damage before you even realize there’s anything wrong.
With electricity’s dynamic quality, it’s much easier and more affordable to install timers on your heater, which can in turn save you even more money, especially for homes on metered billing.
Space Requirements
Most gas water heaters need at least a foot of ventilation around all sides and top, which means you can’t just install the tank in a small area. An electric tank, however, can be installed almost anywhere in a home.
Life Expectancy
Electric water heaters use fewer parts, and those parts are subject to less direct heat. Due to this, they can last years beyond the lifespan of a gas heater.
Electric water heaters cost less than gas heaters of the same size due to both their smaller size and lightweight materials.
Dependence on Electricity
While most gas water heaters used to boast the ability to stay on during power outages, the majority of gas heaters now use electric ignition systems, making it just as hard to reignite as with an electric one.




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