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Air Conditioning FAQ

Answering Your Air Conditioning Questions

 Often times the “fix” to the problem is quite simple. Here’s a few simple things you can do before giving us a call.
  • Check the circuit breakers on both your indoor and outdoor units to make sure that the breakers are in the “On” position
  • Check the circuit breaker designated for your air conditioner system in your electrical panel to make sure it is “On”
  • Check your thermostat and make sure it is in the proper position for your cooling or heating need
  • Check to see if your filters are clean

What do I gain from doing preventative maintenance?

At Westbrook we believe so strongly in preventative maintenance that every new system we sell comes with a Comfort Assurance Club membership. Preventative maintenance on your system:

  • Allows your system to operate more efficiently
  • Helps reduce your overall utility bill
  • Extends the life of your equipment
  • Helps maintain better air quality in your home
  • Protects your manufaturers’ extended warranty

Sign up for a Comfort Assurance Club membership today and start enjoying the benefits above.

Should I repair or replace my aging air conditioner equipment?

Like many things in life the answer is, “it depends” with several factors influencing this decision:

How much is my system costing me currently to operate?

Typically if a system is over (8) years old and you are facing repair charges of $400 or more you need to take a hard look at replacing your existing system. What happens often is that we continue to repair our existing system in hopes of making it like new but it just continues to become less and less efficient and the repairs bills continue to add up. Often times you can pay for a new system over a relatively short period of time with the energy savings alone. In fact, in January 2006 the EPA adopted new guidelines stating that all new residential home systems had to be a minimum 13-SEER efficiency rated.

How much life is left in my existing system?

The temptation is to do the “quick fix” to get by and hope the existing system holds up for another year. Keep track of how old your system gets and when it gets past that (8) year old mark then consider replacing it when the next big repair bill comes. Chances are that it will continue to break down once it reaches a certain age.

How comfortable am I currently in my home?

Ultimately the issue comes down to comfort and comfort takes on many shapes and sizes. It’s important to continually ask yourself if your current system is giving you the comfort you are looking for whether it be the actual temperature or things like the dust levels in your home. Are you being bothered more and more by your allergies? If so, it may be time to upgrade your system with an electronic air cleaner or media filter.

What is a SEER rating anyway?

 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is an energy guide set by the Federal government to indicate the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. The higher the rating the more energy efficient the system is and the less energy that is consumed resulting in utility savings. Today the SEER ratings range from 13 to 19+.

What would I gain from having an extended warranty?

Simply put, the answer is that a 10-year extended warranty means you have no costs (parts or labor) associated with the repair of your air conditioner system. The only requirement of you is to keep your system maintained according to manufacturer’s standards with a preventive maintenance program. Learn more about the annual preventive maintenance benefit of the Westbrook Comfort Assurance Club.




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