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Our Values

Westbrook Vision

To be a growing company that makes a positive impact on the world for generations to come.

Westbrook Mission

To serve residential, commercial and construction customers in the Central Florida market with exceptional service, extraordinary competence and excellent value while delivering mechanical solutions that meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations.

Westbrook Values

The Westbrook core values are the guiding principles that govern how we work and reflect the core beliefs of our shareholders, management and staff. As a cornerstone of our strategic foundation, our values will shape the pursuit of our vision and mission now and in the future.

Act with Integrity

We honor truth, meet our commitments and demonstrate ethical behavior in all our business practices. Our words align with our actions and our commitment is our bond. We reflect and expect both honesty and transparency in our dealings with customers, vendors and employees. We lead by serving, moving quickly to right a wrong and simply asking for forgiveness when necessary.

Focus on the Customer

We are tireless in our efforts to serve our customers, constantly seeking to exceed their expectations. We ensure their comfort in our role as creative and responsive solution providers. We own their problems and will seek to formulate win/win solutions on their behalf. Our commitment to servant leadership will be unmatched in the marketplace as we forge profitable, long-term relationships.

Champion Teamwork

We recognize that the sum of our intelligence, creativity and effort as a team is exponentially greater than our individual contributions. We value the diversity of experience, thought and talent each employee brings to the workplace every day. We encourage one another as we celebrate our successes and learn from our shortfalls. We hold high the inherent dignity and worth in all individuals and will treat everyone with the greatest degree of respect and courtesy. We actively work to become better teammates as we embrace our individual responsibility to serve as both leaders and followers.

Demonstrate Stewardship

We are thoughtful stewards of the financial, material and people resources entrusted to us. We maintain fiscal discipline as we manage the assets of the Company, remaining fervently committed to the long-term financial health of the organization. We are committed to profitable growth as we maximize our effort to fulfill our Company mission and vision. We seek to ensure the health of our people and our Company.

Operate with Excellence

Our work is characterized by the highest standards of operational excellence. We establish and exceed individual, team and company goals. Our performance and the quality of our work will be constantly measured as we continually develop and implement practices to improve on both. Both organizational and individual accountability will be the hallmarks of taking personal responsibility for all actions and results.

Develop People

The people of Westbrook are our most important assets. We uncover the talents and gifts of every Westbrook team member and create developmental pathways to help our people reach their fullest potential. The ownership of personal and professional growth lies with each individual. We plan for succession, identifying and equipping leaders to reach increasing levels of performance and responsibility. We reward based on performance and adherence to the company values, and we promote based on potential.

Embrace Innovation

We acknowledge that innovation is a prerequisite for growth and industry leadership. We are willing to take risks to embrace new ideas, products, technologies or processes that will generate value for our customers, shareholders and people. We encourage creative, “out of the box,” thinking and welcome insights from every person within our Company.




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